j a k i n e k o

Open your eyes and listen.

"I love Nijinsky not like Narcissus but like God."

-Vaslav Nijinsky

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gimme a job.

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Monday's Child is fair of face

Tuesday Child is full of grace

Wednesday's Child is full of woe

Thursday's Child has far to go

Friday's Child is loving and giving

Saturday's Child works hard for a living

But the Child born on the Seventh day

is fair and wise, and good and gay

(enter the two, singing)

"I see the Moon and the Moon sees me
and the Moon sees the Somebody I want to see..."

Mama:(whisper) "Who do you wanna see?"

Girl: (shouting)"I wanna see Grandma Mac!"

"...God bless the moon and God bless me,
and God bless the Somebody I want to see."

God Bless:
Mama and Daddy, my Sisters, and all of my beautiful Family,
The Friends who have come into my life and become my Gold,
The Friends who have gone away, but left a legacy of lovely rememberances,
The Martyrs Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince for paving the way for the rest of us,
All of the Universe, We are Awakening!


Let not my words but my works bear witness to the Glory of God...
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